Flaming Lips Debut Three New Songs Inside Gummy Fetus (LISTEN)

Oklahoma psychedelic rockers the Flaming Lips have unveiled their latest madhatter scheme: gummy fetuses that contain USB drives preloaded with three new tunes. We're all familiar with gummy bears? Yeah, well these are gummy fetuses and, presumably, they are quite a bit more disconcerting to eat. Though the band has been known to play shows under giant spaceships, and Wayne Coyne often sings from an orb suspended above the crowd, these somewhat disturbing confections might be crossing several decorum lines. This comes on the heels of releasing four songs in a life-size gummy brain last April, which itself was encased in a gummy skull. The band has either fallen head over heels with edible gummy treats or is riding a massive sugar high. That and they have literalized the role of “music consumer.” No information yet on where the gummies can be found, though frontman Wayne Coyne recently tweeted "Just dropped off 6 gummy fetuses at GuestRoom Records" in Oklahoma City. Take a listen to the songs online via @FutureHeartDay, if you feel uncomfortable eating the packaging. The Flaming Lips: "Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear Part 2":

The Flaming Lips: "Steven's Moonbow":

The Flaming Lips: "Squishy Glass":