This Terrifying Dome Of Fire Is Actually A Pizza

It's called The Bomb, because obviously.

Are you in the mood for pizza and also want to burn off your eyebrows? A restaurant called The Place in South Korea has just the thing for you.

It's called The Bomb, and waiters there will bring out a giant ball of dough with an uncooked pizza inside, pour oil over it, flambé it in front of you until the oil burns off, and cut it open with scissors to reveal the gooey, melted toppings inside.

It all takes just a few seconds.

The Bomb is outrageous, sure, but in this social media-fueled age, South Korea has been trying to one-up itself with crazy pizzas for years.

At pizza shops throughout South Korea, you can find crusts filled with egg tart custards and mocha-flavored cream cheese or pizzas made out of potatoes -- another trend, called "spooning pizzas" is basically a skillet casserole filled with melted cheeses, meats and sauces (and hugely popular).

But The Bomb takes pizza extremes to a new height and cooks them exceptionally fast, which might be due to the opinion that (according to a Korean pizza maker interviewed by Roads & Kingdoms last year) "Most Koreans, they are not very patient when it comes to food.”

Does this look like something you'd eat?

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