'Flappy Bird' Creator Taking App Down: 'I Cannot Take This'

After soaring into our hearts with equal parts frustration and addiction, it looks like the viral smartphone game "Flappy Bird" is coming in for a landing. For good.

The Vietnam-based creator of the surprise mobile gaming sensation, Dong Nguyen, tweeted Saturday that he would be taking the game down as soon as Sunday.

Nguyen wasn't exactly enthusiastic about the overwhelming response the app has received since taking off in January. He previously tweeted that the press was "overrating" the game and that he wanted "peace", according to App Developer Magazine. The success of the game felt like a curse, Nguyen tweeted earlier on Saturday:

While "Flappy Bird" was reportedly bringing in some $50,000 in sales daily, according to The Verge, Nguyen added that he wouldn't be selling the app:

An email to Nguyen's development company .GEARS from The Huffington Post was not immediately returned, and TechCrunch reports that it is still unclear whether or not those who've downloaded the addictive game will be able to continue playing it or not. Still, fans of Nguyen's work shouldn't lose all hope:

UPDATE: As of Sunday afternoon, the game was no longer available on both Apple's App Store and Android's Google Play store. Those who downloaded the app previously will be able to keep using it unless they delete it themselves.