Why You Need Flared Jeans Right Now

The One Item That Will Make You Perfectly On-Trend For Spring

This season, there is one item you can buy (or dig out of your closet) that will make you perfectly on-trend for spring: Flared jeans. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the '70s are back... in case you didn't get the multiple memos.

Not to be confused with boot-cut or wide-legged denim, flares become wider from the knee down. Also known as bell bottoms, these pants will make your legs look miles long (especially when worn with heels) and instantly add sophistication to any outfit. Pair your jeans with a crisp white button-up, a cozy turtleneck (until the spring weather decides to show up) or a cute crop top.

Behold, 10 flares that are on the market (and our wish lists) right now:

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