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Flash Mob Proposal With 30 Piece Orchestra

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Bill wanted to plan an epic flash mob, but he wanted his to stand out from the rest. He decided to hire The Heart Bandits to help him organize a Flash Mob made up of a 30 piece orchestra, 8 dancers, and a 5 person film crew to capture it all.

What made this proposal even more special is that Bill flew all the way from China to Las vegas to surprise his girlfriend Tina. Tina made comments to him that she knew he was just going to propose to her over dinner at a restaurant or something overdone like that. So Bill was determined to prove her wrong. When Tina said she was going to visit her friend in Las Vegas, he knew it was the perfect time to pull off the most amazing surprise proposal.

Tina's friend was of course in on the whole thing. She brought Tina to Fremont Street where there was one solo violinist playing in the middle of the plaza with a tip jar out. Tina's friend encouraged her to put a tip in the tip jar and when she did, it kicked off a Flash Mob that will go down in history. The saxophonist started playing, "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" and one by one, 30 musicians came out building and building the song. Finally when that well known and magical chorus came on, 8 dancers came out and performed their hearts out for Tina. Last but not least, Bill came out and showed off the routine he had secretly been practicing for weeks.

Bill got down on one knee in front of the crowd that had grown to hundreds of people and yelled, "Tina, Would You Marry me?" The crowd cheered and Tina said YES!!!