Flash Robberies: Teenage Flash Mobs Swarm And Rob Convenience Stores (VIDEO)

WATCH: Teenage Flash Robberies Take Retailers By Storm

Security cameras and the light of day are no match for these scheming teenagers.

In a blend of mischief, strength in numbers and social media, so-called "flash robs" -- when large groups of teenagers organize to meet and loot stores en masse -- are turning up across the country.

Footage of these mass robberies show excited groups of young people essentially overwhelming shop owners as they casually grabb items off the shelves before fleeing the scene too fast for authorities to respond.

Given social media's clear power as an organizational tool, some experts attribute the rise in this crime technique to the networking power of the Web.

"Young people are risk takers; they do things in groups far more than adults do,” Scott Decker, professor of criminology at Arizona State University, told Fox News. "A medium like Twitter plays into the characteristics of young person’s behavior."

Incidents have been reported in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Las Vegas and Minnesota.

For more, check out this report from ABC News.


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