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Flatbread Recipes (PHOTOS)

They're even thinner than your favorite thin-crust.

If you've never heard of or tasted flatbread, allow us to enlighten you. Flatbreads are a lot like pizza -- loaded with the best in toppings -- just a lot thinner. (Well, technically flatbreads are just an unleavened bread but we've gotten in the habit of topping them like pizzas.) If you think thin-crust pizza is the only way to go, just wait till you try a flatbread recipe. You're going to fall in love.

The initial appeal of flatbreads is that they're a little lighter than pizza (since they're thinner). Lots of people opt for them as the healthy alternative to pizza. But what we love about flatbread is that we can eat more it than we can pizza -- because less dough means it's less filling and more room for our favorite toppings.

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Roasted Radish Flatbread With Ricotta And Honey

Flatbread Recipes

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