And The Best Tasting Flavored Condom Is . . . (VIDEO)

WATCH: And The Best Tasting Flavored Condom Is . . .

What does Valentine's Day taste like?

To some, it tastes like chocolate. Others prefer chalky heart-shaped SweeTarts. For us at HuffPost Weird News, love day tastes like latex and sweat.

But not anymore. We licked and sucked eight flavors of condoms -- chocolate, strawberry, garlic, marijuana, cola, banana, vanilla and grape -- so you don't have to. No cunning linguist wants to take the V-day date to the bedroom, only to be stuck with a sub-par condom flavor profile.

So which condom is most flavorful? Which color looked the weirdest stretched over a banana? Why does our boss now feel like "a slut?" Watch the video above to find out.

We did this out of love. We did it for you, our beloved readers.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

(Video by Daniel Littlewood and Oliver Noble)

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Flavored Condom Taste Test!

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