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Flavored Vodka On The Rise, Accounted For A Quarter Of All 2011 Vodka Sales

People really do love flavored vodka. According to food research and consulting firm Technomic's recently released Special Trends in Adult Beverages (TAB) Report, nearly a quarter of all vodka consumer in 2011 was flavored.

Part of that could be the volume with which these flavored vodkas are being released; three quarters of all new vodkas launched in 2011 were flavored, the most popular being citrus, raspberry and whipped cream.

A Technomic press release also revealed that Smirnoff leads the flavored vodka game, although Pinnacle's Whipped Cream vodka grew 324.5 percent in volume and now ranks as the leading flavored vodka brand.

The report also projects ongoing growth for the vodka category in 2012, with flavored vodka expected to fuel that expansion with another double-digit gain.

For more flavored vodkas, check out the below gallery. Warning: they don't look so tasty.

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