Ex-FLDS Member Recounts Sexual Abuse During Childhood, Thanks Father For Molesting Her

Some of the secrecy surrounding one of the nation's most well-known polygamist churches has been unearthed. Flora Jessop, an ex-member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, shared her story of abuse and molestation and her path to freedom on HuffPost Live.

"A few years ago I walked up to my dad and thanked him for molesting me," Jessop told host Nancy Redd. "I didn't thank him because I enjoyed it. I thanked him because I look back on everything I've been through, and I decided that I was going to wrap it around me and embrace every memory, every act, all of it, and build myself out of those ashes."

Now the main subject of TLC's reality show, "Escaping the Prophet," Jessop and Brandon Jeffs, Warren Jeffs' nephew, have told their story to aid in the rescue of other victimized children.

While Jessop does still see her father when she visits her nieces and nephews, she noted that the only way to protect the children he's around "is to be around him and to inform people who and what he is."

Watch the full interview below:



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