Fleetwood Mac's New Music: Band To Release Fresh EP 'In A Few Days'

Marking their first new album since 2003's "Say You Will," Fleetwood Mac announced at a Philadelphia concert over the weekend that they will release new music in the coming days.

The band had launched their world tour two days prior in Columbus, Ohio, where they debuted the new song "Sad Angel." While performing the track in Philadelphia, the group revealed their upcoming project.

"One of the things we thought would be a good idea before we hit the road would be to go into the studio and cut some new material," guitarist and singer Lindsey Buckingham said. "So last year we did that. It's the best stuff we've done in a long time, and in a few days we're going to drop an EP of new stuff."

That means the album is likely coming this week, while Fleetwood Mac are still in the early stages of their 66-stop tour.

British fans might also be able to look forward to seeing keyboardist Christine McVie, who retired from the music industry in 1998 following the band's introduction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, return to the stage for a few concerts.

"If they wanted me to, I might pop back on stage when they’re in London just to do a little duet or something like that," McVie reportedly told Metro.

Fleetwood Mac will perform at London's 02 Arena on Sept. 24, 25 and 26.

This news comes just a year after drummer Mick Fleetwood told Playboy that the band, famous for their tumultuous romances and heavy drug use, would most likely never tour again. Fleetwood said the group's future was contingent upon Buckingham and Stevie Nicks taking a break from promoting their respective solo work. In the same Playboy article, a promoter reportedly revealed that the band's members would likely earn more than $10 million apiece if they were to embark on an eight-month arena tour.

"I think it's perfect, harmonic convergence of exactly when we should be doing this," Nicks told The Huffington Post in December.

Watch Fleetwood Mac perform "Sad Angel" and discuss their new music above, and click here for ticket information for the concerts.

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