Flesh-Eating Bacteria, MRSA, Detected At Bronx School; Officials Didn't Tell Parents (VIDEO)

Education officials in the Bronx didn't feel the need to tell parents that a flesh-eating bacteria had been detected in a Bronx school.

MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), which is a type of Staph infection, made its way into Lewis and Clark Special Education School. According to The New York Daily News, MRSA "can cause nasty boils — and some strains can lead to “flesh-eating” pneumonia and life-threatening blood infections."

The disease, which is resistant to many antibiotics, can be transmitted through contact and exposure to open wounds.

PIX11 spoke to a New York City Department Of Education official who said that it was an isolated case of MRSA and that incidences of MRSA don't require officials to notify the public. The DOE official said the school had been cleaned and is safe for students.