Flick Candles Smell Like One Night Stands, Foreclosure And Frat House Basements

Funny Candles Smell Like One Night Stands, Foreclosure And Frat House Basements

We've seen our share of quirky candles here at HuffPost Home. Who can forget the "sweaty, gruff, hyper-masculine" Man Candles we tested a couple years back? Or the "interesting" food-scented ones that just won't seem to go away. (It was just last month that the Girl Scouts debuted a collection with Yankee Candles inspired by their signature sweets.) And while some of us are into candles we'd like to eat, others prefer the "fresh scent of failed marriages, criminal activity, and unexpected weight gain."


Flick Candles, a company that "prides itself on being the only candle company in America brave enough to celebrate these rather unsavory moments," has made it a possibility.

The company first gained notoriety for its "Freshly Signed Divorce Papers" candle, which "captures the rich parchment of a legal document declaring an end to your failed marriage," according to the company's site. Certain candles -- like Thanksgiving Dinner for One (already sold out), Gingerbread Broken Home, Nicotine Pumpkin Patch and Fantasy Football Failure are going to be retired in March. But don't fret too much, as the company will preview even more new candles very soon.

Take a look at some of their latest funny candles and read their awesome descriptions on their site:

Fantasy Football Failure
The Flicking Candle Company
Smells Like An Affair
The Flicking Candle Company
Foreclosure French Vanilla
The Flicking Candle Company
Frat House Basement Party
The Flicking Candle Company
Gingerbread Broken Home
The Flicking Candle Company
Nicotine Pumpkin Patch
The Flicking Candle Company
Pomegranate Prostate Exam
The Flicking Candle Company
Thanksgiving Dinner For One
The Flicking Candle Company

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Before You Go

Beer-Scented Candle
This candle's perfect for when you miss the good ol' frat house days. Just light the beer candle and let the smell of warm brew take you back.
Turkey & Stuffing Candle
Yankee Candle
All Thanksgiving. All the time.
New York Style Pizza Candle
Man Cans
It's like bringing the smell of the streets of New York right into your home -- for better or for worse.
Jolly Rancher
The worst part about this candle is that it's not even Jolly Rancher's best flavor.
Schnitzel With Noodles
Yankee Candle
Aunt Sadie's Sizzling Bacon Candle
We're not surprised about this one.
Whiskey Candle
If you have this candle, you just might have a drinking problem.
White Castle Candle
Mmm, vanilla candle wax mixed with burger grease.
Popcorn Candle
The smell of freshly-made popcorn without getting to eat any. Great.

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