20 Photographs By Young People You'd Have To See To Believe

20 Photographs By Young People You'd Have To See To Believe

Whether you're posting the occasional selfie to Instagram or mastering the art of dog portraits, it's a good time to be a young photographer. And now, Flickr's spotlighting the power of young peoples' photography with its first annual 20 Under 20 celebration.

The 20 nominees, hailing everywhere from Australia to Germany, will have their work displayed during a gala event at NYC's Milk Studios on Oct. 1. You can vote for the three Audience Choice Awards by tweeting "#Flickr20u20" along with the name of the photographers you think should win #mostcreative, #besttechnique and #strongestportfolio.

Scroll down for a sampling of photographs taken by the 20 talented young artists.

1. Evan Atwood


This photo, titled "Battle," shows Evan's love of self-portraits and his flair for the cinematic.

2. Rachel Baran

Wild youth

Rachel expresses herself through "conceptual self-portraits," like this one above, which she called "Wild youth."

3. Olivia Bee

Sunrise Dream

This photo, titled "Sunrise Dream" shows Olivia's ability to transform everyday settings into mystical dreamlands.

4. Alex Benetel

Once and for all, they abandoned what they knew

Alex's photographs are filled with beautiful oddities, like the one above, which she called, "Once and for all, they abandoned what they knew."

5. Oliver Charles

at war with myself

Oliver's photos are surreal, sometimes dark, images of the natural world.

6. Alex Currie


Alex's photos are often confrontational, creating an instant connection with the viewer.

7. Silvia Grav


Silvia's photos are tinted to perfection in ways that Instagram will only ever be dream of.

8. Zev Hoover


Fifteen-year-old Zev captures the sometimes-terrifying-vastness of the world with a sense of humor.

9. Katharina Jung

guided by a beatin' heart

Katharina's "guided by a beatin' heart" proves that landscape shots are anything but boring.

10. Lissy Laricchia

Seeing Clear

This photo, titled "Seeing Clear," turns an average hallway into a dreamland.

11. Brian Oldham


Brian's beautifully surreal photographs will make you do a double take.

12. Laurence Philomene


Laurence has already won the Curator's Choice Award for her ethereal pictures.

13. Greg Ponthus


Greg's photographs capture the vulnerability of the people around him.

14. Berta Vicente Salas


Berta uses photographs to explore the beauty she encounters, whether she's above land or underwater.

15. Nicholas Scarpinato

The Helpers

This photograph, called "The Helpers," is artful yet melancholy.

16. Alex Stoddard


Alex's dramatic shots have a dark magic about them.

17. David Uzochukwu


Also the EyeEm 2014 Photographer of the Year, David often works in surreal self-portraits.

18. Chrissie White


Chrisse loves taking magical shots of the natural world.

19. Vanessa and Wilson, i.e. Wiissa

0 0

This duo, Vanessa and Wilson, collaborate to create colorful '70s themed photographs.

20. Lauren Withrow


Lauren was first inspired by the landscapes of her native state, Texas.

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