Flight Attendant Breastfeeds Passenger's Crying Baby

A mother ran out of formula, so Patrisha Organo went beyond the call of duty on a Philippine Airlines flight.

A young passenger got a very special in-flight meal aboard Philippine Airlines this week.

Flight attendant Patrisha Organo said she breastfed a wailing infant after the mother ran out of formula.

Organo heard “a cry that will make you want to do anything to help” after the airliiner took off, she wrote on Facebook Wednesday.

“You know the difference between a cry of hunger, a cry of sleepiness, or a cry of something else,” Organo, who has a 9-month-old daughter, told Yahoo.

When the little one’s teary-eyed mother disclosed her formula predicament, Organo came up with a quick solution. “I felt a pinch in my heart,” she wrote. “There’s no formula milk onboard. I thought to myself, there’s only one thing I could offer and that’s my own milk.”

She nursed the child in the galley until the baby fell asleep. “The mother sincerely thanked me,” she said.

Even better, the flight qualified Organo to be a cabin crew evaluator. Big day.

Feeding a baby with breastmilk from someone other than the mother does risk exposing the child to infectious diseases and other contaminants if the donor has not been screened, the Food and Drug Administration warns.