Flight Attendant Spotted Pouring Champagne Back Into A Bottle

No, no, no, no, no. No.

There are enough disgusting ways to come into contact with germs aboard an airplane without having to worry about drinking them, too. But here we are.

Emirates flyer Evgeny Kaumoff says he was taking a video of his seat aboard a recent fight from Dubai to Barcelona when he captured one of the airline’s flight attendants possibly committing a pretty gross party foul: pouring Champagne back out of a glass and back into the bottle.

A tray of drinks is on the counter on front of the attendant, and it’s unclear if they’d been served or not. Perhaps she over-poured and was merely replacing untouched Champagne. Or maybe she was consolidating leftover drinks to be discarded.

“The video was shot before take-off, after the welcome drinks were taken away,” Kaumoff told HuffPost. “What happened next with the bottle I do not know. I noticed the incident after the flight when I watched the video. I guess that these were unused glasses that remained.”

It seems that not even an Emirates spokesperson is quite sure, though the airline said the the clip shows something “not in line with” the company’s standards.

“Emirates strives to consistently deliver the highest quality products and customer service,” a spokesman told HuffPost. “What the video depicts is not in line with our service standards. We are investigating the matter.”

For Kaumoff’s part, he hopes to receive a response from the airline, and “that this incident will help the airline to improve the quality of service.”

For our part, we need a drink. Just maybe not one served on a plane.

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