Teenage 'Flight Attendant' Wannabe Caught Impersonating China Southern Airlines Employee

Teenaged antics have long put youths in trouble with the law -- even the ones who are just trying to get a leg up on a future career.

Such is the case for Luo Siqi, a Chinese 13-year-old who was caught impersonating a flight attendant at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in late August. Authorities apprehended Luo after she spent several days wandering the airport while dressed as a China Southern Airlines flight attendant, a career the Global Times reports she aspires to attain one day.

It was the second time Luo has been caught. After her first run-in, she was found carrying various official documents from the airline, as well as four flight attendant uniforms (one for each season) she'd purchased online.

I am truly in love with the sky. Let me go to the airport,” she reportedly told police, in a quote translated by the South China Morning Post, adding, "I love blue sky, and have always dreamed of flying. By doing this, I am a bit closer to my dream.”

The Global Times adds that Luo is an orphan who appears to be unhappy with her living arrangement. According to The Australian, social workers took the teen to a nearby welfare center.