The ONE Thing Flight Attendants Wish You'd Stop Doing

Seriously, cut it out.

If you think you're annoyed by your fellow airplane passengers, then just try being a flight attendant.

We asked a group of flight attendants to each name the ONE thing they wish passengers would stop doing on a plane. And we have to say, their responses definitely inspired us to clean up our acts. (Plopping a dirty diaper into a flight attendant's hands?! Gross.)

These responses come from the Facebook page for Flight Attendant Career Connection, an online forum led by author and former flight attendant Abbie Unger. So please, please, PLEASE take note. Your cabin crew really wishes you'd stop...

Taking forever to decide which drink you want.

“You’ve seen me walking down the aisle with the drink cart for 20 minutes already.” --Anonymous Facebook user

Leaving trash in the seatback pocket.

“We walk through doing a garbage pickup every 10 minutes!” -- Facebook user Valerie Reiter Kennebeck

Keeping your headphones on while you order a drink.

“You are screaming at me.” -- Facebook user Kimberly Lupo

Walking around the plane barefoot.

“Ewww!” -- Facebook user Amber Nicole

Poking me or tugging my dress.

“A simple 'Excuse me' will get my attention." -- Facebook user Abbie Unger

Getting up to use the bathroom right before landing.

“You've had HOURS to do so.” -- Facebook user Joey DiGregorio

Handing me tissues, toothpicks or used baby diapers.

“There is a barf bag into which you can dispose of anything and then place it into the plastic bag as we walk through the cabin.” -- Facebook user Lynn E Miller

Commenting on “how small the plane is.”

“I fly regional, so of course it’s small. This is a 30-minute flight!” -- Facebook user Gina Andrade

Hanging out in the galley.

“Do I come to your office to do yoga and hang around?!” -- Facebook user Nia Monet

Going to the bathroom while meals are being served.

“Seriously… you’re in my way.” -- Anonymous Facebook user

Whining about a tight connection when the current flight is on time.

“Just stop booking such tight connections!” -- Facebook user Diana Hadley

Asking to borrow a pen for customs forms.

“I DON’T have an unlimited supply in my pocket, and no I won’t give you one A) because it’s my favorite and B) because I’m required to have it on me at all times.” --Facebook user Lorisa Maxwell

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