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Flight School: Risked in translation

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Well, no surprise I suppose: Today I fell off my bike twice even before I got to the swimming pool this morning. The slippery sheet-of-ice roads are unfortunately almost as difficult to walk on, but you're going much slower...

The good news is that I didn't break anything. The bad news is that I have two big bruises on my hips, one on each side, and I'll be walking for a while - until some new coat of snow
roughens things up a bit.

Also unfortunately, it hurts like the dickens to pull on a spacesuit over the sore spots!

But more broadly, my first reaction is: Why don't they put some salt on the roads? Whereas a Russian might say: Why do you insist on biking around like an idiot? Can't you tell it's slippery?

The attitudes towards risk are surprising: You'd think that in a government-centric society the government would be expected to take care of people, but the attitude seems to be more that people should take care of themselves since the government has so much else to do. I see accidents waiting to happen everywhere, whereas in the US one can see avoidance-of-lawsuits and prohibitions against risk everywhere...

In space, again, "The Russian attitude is to train the individuals, whereas the American one is more to mask the problem," or so said Dr. Galitsin yesterday, talking to me about space sickness. The Americans generally provide the astronauts with a variety of drugs such as scopolamine, whereas the Russians put people through training on the vestibular chair (a revolving chair; when you move your head up and down you feel as if you were flying - and you can also feel quite sick!) and weightless flights. (Since I probably won't get to go into space this round, I'm quite happy to take a few of the weightless flights; I'm less sure about the vestibular chair!)

More on tomorrow's weightless flight tomorrow. Today, I just wanted to keep my resolution to set up a rhythm of regular posting.