Flightmare: LAX To JFK Flight Takes 16 Hours, Chips Rationed

Virgin America flight 404, bound from LAX to JFK, left as scheduled at 7am Saturday morning, but the passengers would not reach their destination until 3am the next day. The NY Post reports:

But because of 60-mph winds [in New York], the plane was forced to circle JFK until it was finally diverted to Stewart Airport in Newburgh -- 90 miles north -- for a 5:15 p.m. landing.

There, the plane remained on the tarmac until close to midnight, passengers say. The airline said the wait was more like 4½ hours.

Tensions flared as the stranded passengers were forced to ration, each was given four Pringles and a half-cup of water. One passenger was escorted off of the plane by police due to a panic attack.

After midnight, rival airline Jetblue, who happen to have facilities at Stewart Airport, finally arranged for buses to take the passengers on the 2 hour bus ride to JFK, where they arrived around 3am.