Flint's Letter To Weatherman Albert Ramon Features Awesome Unicorn Drawing (PHOTOS)

Kids say the darnedest things. Sometimes they even write those things down. And draw pictures. Those are good times.


Flint, a fourth-grade student, was apparently so astounded by Texas weatherman Albert Ramon's visit to his school that he decided to show his appreciation by writing a letter to the meteorologist saying he can sit atop a half-platinum, half-solid gold, jewel-encrusted throne.

In the note, the boy continues to praise the meteorology lesson, giving Ramon what very likely could be the best compliments he's ever received.

"You're more awesome than a monkey wearing a tuxedo made out [of] bacon riding a cyborg unicorn," Flint writes.

And as if the letter wasn't adequately descriptive, the student also took the time to illustrate the scenario. Unicorn, throne, speech bubbles; the whole deal.

Now if that doesn't say "thank you," we're not sure what does.

Of course, some unicorn-hating spoil sports out there have questioned the letter's authenticity. Could a child possibly be this creative?

Ramon says "yes."

On his Twitter account, the meteorologist explained Flint's letter was among a bundle of thank you notes he received from the fourth-grade class. The letter began creating buzz after he posted it on his personal Facebook account.