Flint Rapper Says The Water Crisis Isn't Just A Public Relations Problem

Jon Connor also premiered his duet with KeKe Palmer, "Fresh Water for Flint."

Rapper-activist Jon Connor and Keke Palmer are addressing the frustrations and emotions surrounding Flint’s water crisis with the release of their new song "Fresh Water for Flint." Conner, a Flint resident, wants people to know what's happening in the city is more problematic for those who are dealing with it everyday. 

After performing at Sunday’s #JusticeForFlint charity event, the pair premiered the track on Wednesday’s episode of "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore."

Prior to the duo's performance on "The Nightly Show," Connor shared his thoughts with Wilmore on the mood of local residents following Sunday’s benefit event -- which reportedly brought in over $145,000 from more than 3,600 donors.

"I compare it to when somebody tried to cheer you up after a funeral," Connor said. "It was like, okay, we had a good time, and we shared some laughs, but then after, it’s just like, 'wow, we're still dealing with the reality that we have to use bottled water to take a shower."

Despite some local officials referring to the disaster as a "public relations problem," Connor explained how the crisis, which has affected him personally, is much more than that to him and to those who he knows, as well.

"It's a little more personal for me because, my mother's still there. My cousins, my aunts, my uncles are still there," he said. "Just imagine taking a shower, you have to have 34 bottles of water ready to splash… Just think about that. For me, it's not a PR disaster. It's real. We are a city in America. There's no publicist, there's no cameras in my mother's house. When all of these hashtags and all of these headlines go away, my mother still has to go through that."

Check out Jon Connor and Keke Palmer’s empowering performance of "Fresh Water for Flint" in the clip above.



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