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Flip-Flops And The Celebrities Who Love Them...On The Beach, Street And The Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Halle Berry confessed to Stylelist back in May that there is a reason she is always spotted in flip-flops: "I probably own over 100 flip-flops. I get them sent to me. I don’t buy them."

Is that why so many celebrities are spotted regularly wearing the easy sandals in their daily lives? But the phenomenon doesn't end there. While I don't like to wear my flip-flops anywhere besides the beach or maybe the boardwalk, Nicole Richie, Charlize Theron and Elle Macpherson seem to think that they are worthy of a formal event.

Take a peek at our gallery below to see 77 celebrities rock their flip-flops like Louboutins. Do you wear your casual sandals everywhere throughout the summer, too?

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Celebrities Wearing Flip Flops (PHOTOS)