6 Times It's Totally OK To Wear Flip-Flops (PHOTOS, GIFS)

PICS: Flip-Flops Aren't Always A Faux-Pas

Here at HuffPost Style, there's nothing that can make our heart race like a cute pair of shoes. While we're crazy about statement boots and summery wedges, we'll confess: Even style editors own flip-flops.

Call them our best-kept secret -- there are plenty of situations where heels simply won't do. We're not flip-flopping on this issue. Below, our favorite times to wear the much-maligned sandal. Did we miss any?

1. At the nail salon.


Give those trapped tootsies the pampering they so deserve.

2. At the beach.

Because nothing's worse than ruining your cute leather sandals.

3. In the shower.

We'd hate to slip when we're dancing in a slick tub.

4. Around the house.

Like slippers for the summertime.

5. While commuting.

The subway is no place for fancy shoes.

6. Running errands.

jessica alba pedicure flipflops

Save the fancy footwear for where it really matters.

Clearly, these ladies made the wrong choice:

Sofia Vergara

Celebrities Wearing Heels In Places They Shouldn't

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