Retirement In 1970s South Florida Through Flip Schulke's Lens (PHOTOS)

Before high rent and blaring reggaeton chased them farther north, retirees once populated the pink sidewalks of Miami Beach and communities like Century Village.

Former University of Miami professor and award-wining photographer Flip Schulke captured the peak of retiree activity in South Florida in 1970s.

He photographed blue hairs playing mahjong in their bathing suits, older gentleman taking siestas along Ocean Drive, and three-wheel bike excursions through Century Village.

According the Documeria series posted on Flickr, his focus was on contrasting the active life of seniors in South Florida with those in his hometown of Ulm, Minnesota, juxtaposing quilting grandmas with scuba-diving grannies.

The result is a pictorial homage to the greatest generation living out their golden years in the Sunshine State. Below are a few favorite shots. Visit the Flickr page for lots more of Schulke's work. His entire collection -- 11,000 photographs -- is housed at the University of Texas.



Retirees In 1970s South Florida