Backflip From One Skateboard To Another: Iceland's Egill Gunnar Pulls Off Crazy Trick (VIDEO)

Sorry, Tony Hawk. Apparently straight backflips are old-school these days.

Instead, how about a backflip that starts and ends on different boards? Egill Gunnar, a skater in Iceland, shows off this absurd rendition of the trick in a YouTube video uploaded July 27.

If Gunnar looks like a youngster, that's because he likely is. No information exists to positively confirm it, but based on his Google+ profile, USA Today's Big Lead Sports speculates he might be in primary school.

Though Gunnar's first attempt in the video isn't successful, a second cut features a much smoother landing. Alarmingly, he isn't wearing a helmet or any other safety equipment, despite a handful of other tumbles documented later in the short clip.

For his first backflip, even Tony Hawk wore a helmet -- and given the landing, he's undoubtedly happy he did:

The "backflip from one skateboard to another" trick gained notoriety in February of this year when skater Adam Miller performed it down a flight of stairs.