This Flip-Book Marriage Proposal Is Pretty Flippin' Cute

Elaborate proposals can be romantic and impressive, but there's something sweet about keeping things simple.

One Chicago boyfriend named Rodney Nelson popped the question to his girlfriend Alexa Wenning with a customized flip-book hand-drawn by an artist called The Flippist.

According to proposal website, Nelson proposed around the holidays at the Lincoln Park Zoo lights festival in Chicago. He told Wenning that he wanted to give her a Christmas gift and then presented her with the flip-book. After she got to the end, he pulled out the real ring (the one in the book was just for show) and placed it on her finger.

"Of course, I started bawling," she said. "I almost got frostbite afterwards because I refused to put my gloves back on!"

Watch the short-and-sweet video above.

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