Flipping The Bird: Celebrities Giving The Middle Finger (NSFW)


It wouldn't be a Super Bowl halftime show without some kind of drama, right?

Singer M.I.A. caused quite a stir during her performance with Madonna Sunday night, when she did the unthinkable and flashed her middle finger for an estimated 111.3 million viewers to see.

With a second's worth of middle-finger glory, M.I.A. managed to anger NBC, the NFL and conservative organizations throughout the country. But she's certainly not alone when it comes to being caught on camera making the obscene gesture.

Whether showing some attitude toward intrusive paparazzi or trying to be as badass as possible at a rock concert, many celebrities have flipped their middle finger toward the sky and we have photographic evidence to prove it.

Check out some NSFW photos of celebrities flipping the bird below:


Celebrities Giving The Middle Finger

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