Flo Rida Sues For Election Recount

Tramar Lacel Dillard better known by his stage name Flo Rida has announced his intention to sue for a recount over the general election results. It is unclear how the hip hop artist plans to leverage the entire United States into launching a full recount. However, the singer did mention starting with his home state of Florida.

When mounting this unlikely bid to overturn the presidential election results in the Sunshine State, Flo Rida claimed he could pay citing that he was a zillionaire. He then immediately backtracked saying he wouldn't pay. The bizarre campaign wasn't launched with a lawsuit but with a social media post asserting that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, actually won Florida. He had no evidence to back this up.

Flo Rida believes the official election results were "rigged" through malfunctioning voting machines and other undisclosed reasons. The zillionaire is offering to do a hand recount of every paper ballot in Florida himself, so long as Donald Trump picks up the bill.

Officials in Florida are sceptical that this is possible before the electoral college votes on December 19th. However, Flo Rida has been already been spotted on the shores of Florida, shirtless and claiming "the recount will start real slow, baby."

Only time will tell if Flo Rida can save us from a Trump Presidency but we've got a good feeling it won't.