Float App: New All-In-One eReader for iPhones (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Netflix Of Reading?

eReading just got a whole lot easier. Today, the popular document-sharing website Scribd released their first iPhone application to service all of your reading needs: Float.

Float is a one-stop digital reading service that gives you all of your reading material in a single app. Allowing readers to access news articles, PDFs and blog posts as well as social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter all in one place, this application is the first of it’s kind.

When asked to pinpoint what makes Float different from the numerous book-reading, bookmarking and web-browsing applications that iPhones have offered in the past, Scribd CEO Trip Adler was quoted by CNN Money as saying, "We're trying to tie all those features and bring all that content together into one app because there's really no reason why you should be navigating with Pulse, saving those articles with Instapaper, and then reading books with something else."

According to Tech Crunch and Scribd's blog, this application includes numerous useful details to make your reading experience easy and fun, such as an extremely convenient "favorites" page for keeping track of each and every website you choose to follow, a "social tab" to quickly check out links your friends have posted on their pages, a "reading list," floating text, font resizing, and numerous themes.


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