This Tiny Floating House On The River Thames Is Picture Perfect

Tiny, Floating London Cottage Is Picture Perfect

Hello, perfection.

This tiny floating cottage is a work of pure delight, with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, and a yard complete with doghouse and wisteria. It's the itty-bitty houseboat of our wildest dreams.

The house is floating down London's River Thames this week as part of an Airbnb promotion; U.K. residents can enter to win a stay in the house at the end of its river tour. Meanwhile, we'll take it as a picture-perfect example of tiny home living.

The house is totally capable of floating, even with its front yard intact! (Oh hey there, Big Ben.)
Wisteria vines frame the front door, and a cobbled walkway adds to the cottage-y vibe.
There are even dog and bird houses!
The living space features a kitchen, seating area and plenty of light. Oh, and every house needs a steering wheel, of course.
A full bathroom serves the house's two guests.
Pick your favorite of the two bedrooms, and snuggle in for a cozy night on the river!
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$49,000; 320 Sq. Ft.; Lake Geneva, Wisc.

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