Haunted Health Food Store: Do Tea Bags Float In Michelle Newbold's Shop? (VIDEO)

WATCH: Do Tea Bags Float In Haunted Health Food Store?

A health food store in Whitstable, Great Britain, seems to be attracting a new sort of customer -- Ghosts.

Of course, the new clientele might also be pranksters.

Recently, a surveillance video at the Whitstable Nutrition Centre captured a clip showing a box of tea bags slipping out of a store shelves and floating mysteriously in mid-air.

The box then drops, startling a customer.

Some who've seen the video on YouTube are convinced that special effects are involved. However, store owner Michelle Newbold insists she's as surprised as her customers.

"I was perplexed, I suppose. I just couldn't believe it. I have no idea about how it has happened. It is just a complete mystery," she told KentOnline.com.

"I have never seen anything like it since I've been running the shop. The customer never said anything and I don't even know who it was."


Newbold said she discovered the floating tea bags during a weekly check of the security cameras.

Some might suspect the video is a marketing stunt for the store, but Newbold said she is as surprised as anyone.

"I'd be interested to find out more if anyone knows anything because I have no clue. I have never seen anything like this since I have been in the shop," she said, the New York Daily News reported.

Bryan Bonner of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society is skeptical about the paranormal "activi-tea" seen in the video. He said the group is recreating the video later this week -- without ghostly help.

"In the opening shot, it looks like there is one other person at the end of the aisle, but it's actually two and they are in a perfect position to choreograph the tea bags," Bonner told The Huffington Post."Also, the security camera is positioned so it focuses halfway down the shelf, not where it normally would be."

Regardless of whether it's truly a video of a ghost or just a hoax, Newbold still is skeptical about the paranormal.

"I don't believe in ghosts and this hasn't changed anything," she said, according to Orange.co.uk.

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