Flogsta Scream Tradition In Sweden Would Annoy Our Neighbors For Sure (VIDEO)

How are they not annoyed by this?

How would your neighbors feel if you started randomly screaming out of your window at night? Our guess is that they wouldn’t be too happy. But apparently in parts of Sweden the whole community joins in when you take to your balcony to let out a yell.

Reddit user lavil posted a video via LiveLeak, featuring a student in the Lappis community of Stockholm participating in the Flogsta tradition by screaming out his window on a Tuesday night at 10 PM. Just a few seconds later he's echoed by the howls of dozens of others coming from throughout the neighborhood. In the video it lasts for nearly two minutes and even the videographer can’t believe it.

According to redditor eckesicle, the Flogsta scream starts every night at 10 PM across campuses in Sweden, but no one really knows why it happens. Some say it’s to remember a student who committed suicide in the 1970s, others say it’s to calm the nerves of exam season.

Naturally this video allowed other redditors to vent about their neighbors. Mudgonzo, from Norway wrote "My neighbor actually looks frightened when I say hello to him if I meet him in the hallway. He says nothing back and hurries along. It is my goal to make him say hello back to me, so every time I try to appear more happy and nice when I say it. Sadly though his fear of acknowledging me seems to increase exponentially.” Well we agree, that is sad.

Watch the video above and tell us, what are some unusual things your neighbors do?

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