These Are Emergency Supplies You Should Have In Case Of A Flood

Disaster relief professionals suggest backup food supplies, waterproof pouches for important documents and water filtration systems.
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Climate change has and continues to do a lot of damage to our world, most notably in the form of natural disasters.

“We’ve seen recent catastrophic events driven by climate change, which threatens more extreme events like increased floods, sea level rise and intensifying droughts and wildfire,” said Jeremy M. Edwards, a spokesperson for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

You may recall from last year the wildfires that ravaged the Pacific Northwest and the record freezing conditions that struck the state of Texas. However, according to Edwards, the greatest natural threat we may face is flooding.

“Flooding remains the country’s number one disaster and can potentially affect everyone and every property,” he said. “Whenever it can rain, it can flood, so communities, families and businesses must be prepared before disasters strike.”

Lis Mullin Bernhardt, an international development and environment professional for the United Nations, agreed that the sudden and indiscriminate nature of floods make it all the more imperative for you to prepare yourself and know what to do in the event one occurs in your area.

“Generally speaking, I would try to avoid going into floodwaters, not just because of contamination but also the potential for downed electrical lines,” Bernhardt said.

Edwards supplemented this advice by reminding us that it takes just six inches of moving water to knock you down, and one foot to sweep away a vehicle.

Aside from sheltering in place, both Bernhardt and Edwards said to refer to FEMA’s supply checklist of emergency basics. Ahead, we sourced some of these items for you, and included some additional tips from disaster-relief experts.

If you want to seek out even more information, such as where to access flood insurance and learning about your community’s specific flood risk, Edwards recommended consulting FEMA’s website.

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A 16-in-1 water quality testing kit
When it floods, "there is also a major risk of water contamination or wastewater leakage from overrun industry or wastewater facilities, which can render water unfit for drinking or human use," Bernhardt said.

For this reason, she suggests keeping water quality testing kits on hand, which can be useful at any time. This particular kit has 100 testing strips that can adequately and quickly detect impurities, foreign substances and toxins, such as lead in your drinking water.
A passive gravity water filtration system
Riccardo Zennaro, coordinator for the UN's Global Wastewater Initiative, told HuffPost that in the event of flood, you might not know whether your water has been contaminated by sewage or chemicals. Most likely, however, it's been contaminated by both.

“When choosing water filters for flood emergencies, the simplest approach – a passive gravity feed system – is truly the best. Through this, filtration is enough to remove chemicals and most microbes," Zennaro said.

This gravity fed water system, like all gravity systems, requires no electricity or running water to work. It has a capacity over 2 gallons and uses the process of reverse osmosis, in addition to two carbon filters, to effectively filter out a number of impurities.

Zennaro added that if you know a flood might strike, it can be good to preemptively fill clean drinking containers with purified water in case you are unable to access your tap.
50 water purification tablets that can eliminate bacteria
Zennaro also suggested having iodine water purification tablets on hand, which you can also add to your pre-filtered water as an extra layer of precaution and protection. These water treatment tablets are effective against certain bacteria that could be polluting your water source during a flood.
A case of water bottles for when tap water isn't drinkable
If you suspect that your tap water is compromised, it's important to have a source of clean water on hand for drinking or even bathing. The EPA recommends keeping at least a three-day supply per person, and pets, too. This 24-pack of Nestle 12-step purified water can be a convenient and safe place to start.
A long-lasting water-filtering straw with almost 83,000 five-star-ratings
This portable filtering straw has stood up to rigorous lab testing protocols for water filters and is a must-have for frequent hikers and campers, too. The micro-filtration membrane removes 99.99% of all waterborne bacteria, parasites and micro-plastics and will provide 4,000 liters of fresh drinking water in its lifespan.
A pack of three airtight and waterproof document pouches
In addition to having password-protected digital copies of all your important documents, Edwards said that it's important to keep the hard copies safe in waterproof containers.

This three-pack of airtight dry pouches in varying sizes come with attached lanyards, are resistant to water and tearing and can even float when left with enough air trapped inside.These can be useful for keeping not just essential documents dry, but also storing medications and electronics, too.
A battery-operated NOAA emergency weather radio
Edwards encourages people to stay tuned in to their community’s warning system with the help of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration radio, which can provide shelter-in-place alerts and updates. This battery-operated certified emergency radio receives seven NOAA channels in three different languages.
A pair of waterproof safety whistles
These loud-blowing survival whistles are completely resistant to moisture damage, can be effective in nearly all conditions and come attached to a reflective and adjustable lanyard for higher visibility.
A pair of water-resistant LED headlamps
With a runtime of 10 hours or more on low, you don't have to worry about stumbling around a dark house to go to the bathroom or otherwise finding your way around in the middle of a power outage. Each of these AAA battery-operated LED headlamps has seven different light modes, including a red nightlight and a strobe setting that can be useful for capturing attention during an emergency.
Commercial plastic sheeting and all-weather duct tape for shelter
If directed to shelter in place,'s emergency supply list recommends having plastic sheeting and duct tape in order to seal windows, doors and air vents to help protect you and your family from contamination.

This all-weather industrial duct tape and 10 by 25-foot commercial plastic sheeting can do the job.
A seal-tight bucket and bleach for sanitation basics
When sewer pipes are damaged or your local sanitation systems are down, adequate sanitation and proper disposal of human waste can become a concern. A durable seal-tight bucket like this five-gallon option, as well as a dependable disinfectant of some kind to keep it clean, can be useful in ensuring that you or your loved ones don't get sick.
A non-sparking wrench for turning off utilities explains that it's important to turn off household utilities following a natural disaster, and particularly your main water valve as cracked lines may pollute the water supply to your house.

They recommended using a non-sparking tool that is resistant to potentially igniting fires, which could be a risk when turning off your gas line. This adjustable and industrial-quality wrench is made with aluminum bronze and won't corrode in the elements.
A first aid kit for potential minor injuries
Disinfect wounds, bandage cuts and soothe burns with this 312-piece first aid kit. Clear plastic interior compartments keep everything organized and the soft sided zip case makes storage and transportation a breeze.
An 84-count combo pack of assorted batteries for all your battery-powered devices
During any natural disaster that has power outage-potential, it's more than likely you will be pretty reliant on battery-powered items such as flashlights and radios. This deluxe variety pack of batteries has an impressive shelf life and will ensure that you have the correct battery sizes for all your needs.
A large quantity of non-perishable food
This non-perishable food variety pack by ReadyWise contains 124 servings of ready-to-eat meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even includes beverages. Just add hot or cold water to enjoy items like savory beef stroganoff or apple cinnamon oatmeal.
A universally compatible backup power bank to charge your devices
Seeing your cellphone at 1% battery life can give you an uneasy feeling, especially if you are in the middle of a disaster situation. This portable colossal-capacity phone bank can charge most phones up to six times on a single charge so you can stay up to date, notify loved ones of your status or make phone calls in an emergency.

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