Flood Estate For Sale: Historic Woodside Mansion Hits The Market (PHOTOS)

We've seen some pretty fabulous real estate in our day: Barry Zito's bachelor pad, Robin Williams' Sonoma/Napa estate (it straddled both counties) and, of course, the Gold Coast classic mansions on Billionaire's Row.

But the historic Woodside Flood Estate--now on the market for a staggering $85 million--might take the cake.

Built in 1941 by descendants of the silver mining "Bonanza King" James Flood and never before on the market, the historic estate is one of the largest properties in Woodside, encompassing 92 wooded acres.

The 9,000-square-foot Colonial-style main house features a library, guest quarters, formal dining room, entertaining kitchen with butler's quarters and several suites. Also on the property are two lakes, a two-bedroom gate house, a caretaker's cottage, multiple barns, a pool and tennis court, outdoor fireplaces, a redwood water tank--basically the works.

See more details on the property's website, and check out photos of the insanity below. Happy house hunting!

The Flood Estate
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