Flora Borsi's 'Photoshop In Real Life' Series Shows What It Would Look Like If We Could Digitally Alter Ourselves

Here's What 'Photoshop In Real Life' Looks Like

Ever wake up looking a little... undersaturated? Want to "patch" up that blemish you see in the mirror?

A new photo series from 20-year-old artist Flora Borsi shows what it would look like if we used Photoshop in real life.

flora borsi

Borsi, who is from Budapest, Hungary, was inspired to create the series when she noticed own experience using Photoshop and other image editing tools begin to infiltrate her own self-perception.

"I'm a photographer, and I'm a Photoshop addict -- I retouch almost every picture, but not every detail," Borsi told The Huffington Post in an email. "Once I went to the bathroom, and I saw something on my face. I had an instant reaction, for a second I thought I could remove a spot from my face with this software in reality!"

flora borsi

Borsi's images explore how different Photoshop "actions" would affect her appearance.

"I'm really curious about what people would do with Photoshop in real life," she told HuffPost. "Maybe everybody would be perfect, but only [on the] outside? What would be the difference between us?"

flora borsi

While using Photoshop is common for photographers and digital artists, the role of the editing tool in advertising has come under fire. This month, lawmakers introduced a "Truth In Advertising" bill, intended to place restrictions on "misleadingly Photoshopped ads."

flora borsi

“Just as with cigarette ads in the past, fashion ads portray a twisted, ideal image for young women,” bill sponsor Rep. Lois Capps (D-Calif.) said in April. “And they’re vulnerable. As sales go up, body image and confidence drops."

flora borsi

According to Borsi, you can have too much of a questionably good thing. She worries Photoship use has given way to overcorrection as an issue in art and advertising.

"Little freckles, wrinkles, etc. defines us and make everybody unique," she told HuffPost.

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