Head-To-Toe Floral Is Our Spring Uniform

This Is The Trend Floral Lovers Have Been Waiting For

Though floral always seems to be "in," the blooming print is reborn practically every spring on the runways. This season, it’s popping up as a bright and wonderfully feminine print, with designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Michael Kors pushing the print from head-to-toe. We're ready to live in an all-floral uniform as sunnier skies arrive.

But this vivid print can be decidedly hard to wear full-body without looking like a busy hotel curtain. We partnered with Nordstrom to round up some ladies who nail head-to-toe floral, making it look chic, effortless and season-perfect. On these women, floral is definitely not your grandma’s print. Better take notes.

This bold print is gorgeous, but it could easily overwhelm a figure without some levity in the mix. Breaking things up with a simple knit makes the look work.
It’s a simple but smart trick for mixing patterns: find similar-sized prints in different but complementary colors. The black band on the pant also helps the prints stand on their own (a belt would be an easy substitute).
This floral mix-and-match makes us do a double take. The dress and sweater aren’t the same pattern, but they’re awfully close, making for a put-together look that says something unique in a subtle way.
Breaking up a super busy print with a little skin is a good move. Some leg action and a pair of oxfords make this outfit feel like a spring mini dress' fun, tomboy cousin.
Balancing a traditional-looking print with a modern, structured shoe brings this floral set into the present.
This lovely look works because the mixed prints have a strikingly similar vibe: breezy, bright and brought to life by the way the fabric drapes.
A patterned pant set is tricky to pull off. This execution is stunning, because the pattern is balanced in color, fits well, and is paired with neutral accessories.
Tiffany Borland / http://www.tuolomee.com/
Talking patterned sets, we’d be remiss to not acknowledge crop looks àla Taylor. (Even Chanel is doing it!) They’re trendy and demure at once.
The now classic slice of upper abs breaks up bold pattern in a way that makes a set like this feel edgy rather than out of control.
But ultimately, this might be our favorite. Jumpsuits: a lazy girl’s answer to head-to-toe floral.


We're excited to try out these fashion-forward takes on floral. Nordstrom is gearing up for spring 2015 with a spotlight on fresh trends like this one -- check out what they're excited about, from petaled prints to strappy sandals, @nordstrom.

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