Florence And The Machine, 'Shake It Out'

Florence and the Machine released the second track off their forthcoming release, Ceremonials Wednesday. "Shake It Out" is a pitch-perfect end-of-summer anthem for us -- for Florence Welch, it was just a hangover cure. Welch told Xfm:

I wanted to just shake something out, shake out these regrets, shake out these things that haunt you. It was one of those songs that came in about half an hour and when you've got a hangover, it is almost like a hangover cure. You're like, thank you!

But before you get the wrong idea, she added: "I don't want everyone to think that I always write songs with a hangover! Cause I don't, I really don't."

Seriously, if you can get something like this out of a hangover, more power to you.

Ceremonials is out Oct. 31.