Florence Crittenton High School, Which Enrolls Only Pregnant Girls, Teen Moms, Is Featured On TLC (VIDEO)

Denver's Florence Crittenton High School, which enrolls pregnant teens and teen moms, has opened its doors to the cameras of TLC, the Denver Post reports. The school attracts about 280 students per year.

The show titled "High School Moms" will follow a group of expecting teenage students and teen moms while they get a "second chance" at the Colorado high school that caters to their needs.

"Their stories are so compelling," Wendy Douglas, an executive producer, told the Post. "Sure, they are on TV, but they tell you being pregnant and being on TV is not an easy thing. They are dealing with hormones, problems with boyfriends, school, a lot of them have challenges at home. They do show it's beautiful having a baby, but they show it is not glamorous. One character shows her stretch marks."

Though some have speculated that similar shows, such as MTV's "Teen Mom," glamorize pregnancy, student Amber Martinez said that's not the case with this series.

"...We're just letting people know that teen pregnancy is hard," Martinez told KUSA. "We do have struggles, but we can get through those struggles and continue our education."

The show, which launched Aug. 12, includes six parts airingat a later date, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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