Hugh Grant Must Tell Meryl Streep She Maybe Can't Sing So Great In This 'Florence Foster Jenkins' Clip

Bold move, Hugh Grant.

Meryl Streep has proven her natural singing abilities in "Postcards from the Edge," "Mamma Mia," "Into the Woods" and "Ricki and the Flash." But in the new movie "Florence Foster Jenkins," she has to mask that talent. Streep is portraying the titular 20th-century heiress who self-financed a delusional opera career. The woman couldn't sing! But, boy, if she didn't barrel on nonetheless.

In this exclusive clip from the bubbly biopic, Jenkins' manager and partner (Hugh Grant) delicately suggests that her ambitions may be slightly out of reach. It turns out they weren't, though: Jenkins went on to fill venues, largely amusing audiences with her rhythmless delivery. Century-old spoiler: She ultimately played Carnegie Hall.

Jenkins' story will arrive in theaters on Aug. 12, though it has already opened to praise in the United Kingdom. The movie is directed by Stephen Frears, who has made "High Fidelity," "The Queen" and "Philomena." Watch the clip below.

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