Florence Henderson: John Lindsay Gave Me Crabs

New York City saw the continuation of a steep decline under the mayorship of John Lindsay, who reigned over the city from 1966-1973. Teachers went on strike, riots were fought and mounds of garbage filled the city streets.

Turns out he had some sanitation problems in his personal life, too.

Florence Henderson, most famous for her run as Carol Brady on the campy TV classic, "The Brady Bunch," reveals in her new memoir that she had a one-night stand with the Mayor while they were both in Beverly Hills. Henderson was married to Ira Bernstein at the time.

"I was lonely. I knew it wasn't the right thing to do. So, what did I do? I did it," she writes in "Life Is Not A Stage," the NY Daily News reports. And, following a night's sleep at home, she found out the hard way about the City that Never Sleeps.

"Guess I learned the hard way that crabs do not discriminate but cross over all socioeconomic strata," Henderson writes. "He must have had quite the active life. What a way to put the kibosh on a relationship."

Interestingly, this wasn't Lindsay's only brush with show business; he appeared in the 1975 film, "Rosebud," alongside Peter O'Toole, and, in another wooing of a beloved lady actress, sang to Angela Landsbury at the Tony Awards that same year.

Henderson stayed married to Bernstein until their divorce in 1985; she later married Dr. John Kappas, who passed in 2002. Lindsay died in 2000.

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