Florence Pugh Has Sweet Twitter Chat With Paddington Bear Over Marmalade

The exchange between the "Little Women" star and the storybook bear will turn your heart to jelly.

Florence Pugh’s orange marmalade made her the apple of Paddington Bear’s eye.

The Oscar-nominated “Little Women” star made a how-to video on preparing the preserve, prompting an adorable exchange in which the fictional (but real to us!) marmalade-loving bear on Monday agreed to make sandwiches with her.

Pugh posted the clip to her Instagram Story over the weekend:

And it didn’t take long for Paddington to get wind of it.

“If I had made 8 jars of marmalade last night I’d have one for each day of the week and a spare to share with a friend,” said Paddington’s account, which tagged the actor.

“Paddington, do you want to make sandwiches with me? You can have a spare jar btw,” Pugh replied.

“Dear Ms Pugh, that’s a lovely idea,” Paddington answered. “I will bring some of the marmalade Mrs Bird and I made last week so that we don’t use all of yours up. Thank you.”

Now that’s an interesting get-together ― an up-and-coming star and longtime beloved children’s storybook bear sharing marmalade.

Can we get an invite? We promise to make some tea!

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