Florida Voters Ban Offshore Drilling, Indoor Vaping With 1 Amendment

Opponents criticized Amendment 9 for bundling two disparate subjects -- to no avail.

With one amendment, Florida voters on Tuesday banned both offshore drilling and indoor vaping in the state.

The surprisingly sweeping Amendment 9 packaged two separate constitutional amendments in one proposal: one concerning the offshore extraction of oil and natural gas under Florida’s state waters, and another limiting the use of electronic cigarettes in indoor workplaces.

Proponents of the measure acknowledged the unconventional bundling of two disparate subjects, yet argued that was no reason not to sign off on its passage

“The bundling of two unrelated provisions in this amendment has drawn criticism,” the Sarasota Herald-Tribune wrote in a mid-October editorial. “Nevertheless, both components are important and worthy of approval.

“Don’t let concerns about bundling prevent passage of this measure. We vigorously recommend voting YES, for Amendment 9.”

Florida banned the indoor smoking of conventional tobacco products back in 2002. That action bolstered Amendment 9′s proponents’ argument that a vaping cigarette ban is less government overreach and more an extension of voters’ previously stated will.

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