Florida Democrat Posts, Deletes Weird Tweet About Sydney Sweeney's Breasts

On International Women’s Day, Jared Moskowitz realized his meme attempt was “inappropriate.”

A freshman Democrat posted and swiftly deleted a photo of President Joe Biden appearing to react to the actress Sydney Sweeney’s anatomy on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

The lawmaker, Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz, paired a close-cropped still from Sweeney’s “Saturday Night Live” appearance in a low-cut dress, alongside a still from Biden’s State of the Union speech in which he seems to be making a surprised expression.


A few minutes later, Moskowitz took down the tweet.

Politico reporter Daniella Diaz was among the first to notice, posting her observation in the form of a screenshot Friday afternoon.

Moskowitz owned up to it.

“I took it down, it was inappropriate,” he tweeted.

The lawmaker then responded to a joke about his communications director reacting — negatively — to the original post, prompting its removal.

“Exactly how it went down,” he wrote.

Sweeney is known in part for her comfort with onscreen nudity in her appearances on HBO’s “Euphoria.” Her chest was therefore the subject of several jokes on “SNL” last weekend, making for a show that was broadly panned by both mainstream media and more progressive commentators.

Meanwhile, bloggers at conservative websites such as the Daily Caller ruminated on what the episode meant for “wokeness,” hypothesizing that because they watched a network show featuring a blonde, white woman bouncing around on a stage in Manhattan, it somehow meant that Americans were turning away from progressive ideas and policies.

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