Florida Lawyer Speaks Out Amidst NFL Concussion Debate

"After seeing Case Keenum's helmet bounce off the turf and watching him kneel in the fetal position, I was sure he would be taken out of the game. I was totally stunned that he went right back in the game. Many of us watching at home suspected he suffered a concussion. Sending him back into the game after suffering an obvious blow to the head shows us all how poorly the NFL still treats head injuries."

Those are the words of Jim Holliday, an NFL Concussion Settlement Claim lawyer in Florida, speaking from his office earlier this week after watching Rams quarterback suffer from what appeared to be a concussion.

Keenum was tackled on the final drive of their 16-13 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday and was seen grabbing his head while on the turf. When a teammate extended his hand to Keenum he got up and stayed in the game without receiving any medical treatment.

This most recent situation combined with the soon-to-be released Will Smith movie Concussion has brought the NFL concussion debate back to the forefront of NFL officials, doctors and lawyers across the country.

Jim Holliday knows first hand how strenuous claims investigations can be in his office but assures players that they will be taken care of "during our investigation of claims while we review records of the NFL players' board certified treating neurologists and neuropsychologists." He added, "they have undergone extensive clinical evaluations, objective brain MRIs and neuropsychological testing."

While it is the job of Holliday and many other lawyers to help protect the NFL players and their rights the players often still have their reservations and Holliday fears that many players may be afraid to report their concussions. "Many NFL players only want to be involved in the process if they believe the NFL Concussion Claim will provide a safety net for them as their condition worsens over time."

Despite the concerns of former players, lawyers, doctors and families the NFL still stands firm in their concussion policy stating: "each player and each concussion is unique.