Luckiest Man Alive Wins $10 Million Lottery Playing Fortune Cookie Numbers

Start looking at those lucky numbers!

This guy's fortune cookie actually did bring him some luck

Richard Davis of Boca Raton, Florida, recently claimed his winnings of an August drawing of the Florida Lotto $10 million jackpot and for that, he has his fortune cookie to thank. The lucky man played the numbers he received from a cookie he got from a North Carolina restaurant, according to a press release from the Florida Lottery.

"I checked and rechecked the ticket several times over the next few days," Davis, 66, said, the release reported, of when he discovered he won. 

Davis, who decided to take home the money as a one-time, lump sum amount of $7,057,696.67, often visits one particular Publix supermarket to buy lottery tickets. The release noted that he plays the same five sets of numbers -- all of which were printed on fortune cookies from the same North Carolina establishment. 

The retailer also received a bonus commission of $50,000 for selling the winning ticket. 


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