Florida Man Beats Up 100-Year-Old Mom For Feeding Cat, Police Say

A 74-year-old Florida man is behind bars after police said he hit his 100-year-old mother in the head with a broom.

The reason? She was attempting to feed his cat, according to

David Corning, of Deland, was arrested Wednesday on battery charges stemming from the incident Tuesday evening.

Investigators said Ellen Corning, who turned 100 in April, walked into his room in the home they shared in an attempt to feed his cat.

Ellen Corning told deputies her son began yelling at her, saying, “Go back inside ... or I will kill you,” BeaconOnline reports. 

She said her son then grabbed a broom and used it to strike her in the head with the handle, breaking her glasses in the process.

Despite the blow, Ellen Corning told officers she did not lose consciousness and went to her room for the night. She told deputies she did not report the assault because she was afraid of her son.

The victim reported the alleged attack the next day after going to a local hospital.

The police report noted that Ellen Corning showed no visible signs of injury, but said her doctor was ordering a CAT scan to check for internal injuries, according to WNDB AM.

When deputies questioned David Corning, he denied hitting her. He said his mom was sitting in his room when he accidentally hit the vacuum cleaner causing the handle to break her glasses, according to the station.

Police said David Corning told them his mother needed to be examined under the Baker Act, which is a way of providing mental health evaluations for individuals on a voluntary or an involuntary basis.

Corning was charged with aggravated battery on a person over the age of 65, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

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