Florida Man Head-Butts A Bus, Knocks Himself Out

"Criminals do silly things."


Police in Florida are looking for a man who was apparently so angry over an extra $2 in bus fare that he head-butted the vehicle's door, breaking the glass and briefly knocking himself out.

The man, who has not yet been identified, was a passenger on the bus. After he got off, he told the driver he wanted to travel to another destination, the Winter Haven Police Department wrote on Facebook.

When told it would cost an additional $2, "the rider became extremely agitated," the agency said.

The driver left the bus, locked the door and went into the terminal. The passenger waited on a bench for a few minutes before attacking the vehicle. 

"It is what it is, you look at it and you just shake your head," public information officer Jamie Brown told CBS News. "There's no point in trying to be staunch when it's obviously comical, you should just make light of it. Criminals do silly things." 

Police are still looking for the man, adding on Facebook: 

"He was wearing slip on shoes with socks, glasses and dark green or gray shorts. His t-shirt has the graphic 'Ounces 40' on the front.

Anyone with information on who this suspect is asked to call Officer Jodi Lott at 863-401-2256."

 Winter Haven is in Central Florida, roughly midway between Orlando and Tampa. 

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