Florida Man In Darth Vader Mask Robs Convenience Store: Police

He escaped in a silver auto, not a Death Star.

Looks like the force came down on Darth Vader.

The police force, that is.

Jacksonville sheriff's deputies arrested a man on Sunday who allegedly attempted to rob a convenience store wearing a Darth Vader mask and chest plate around 5:30 p.m.

The suspect, later identified as Jacob Jeremy Mercer, was carrying a silver handgun, not a light saber, according to 

Police said when 32-year-old Mercer showed the pistol and demanded money from the clerk, the employee responded by chucking a jar of blue cheese dressing at the suspect.

A man inside the store who asked to be identified only as "Ricardo" witnessed the altercation and admitted being a little frightened by it.

"We looked at each other for a couple of seconds it was a little scary," Ricardo told

Ricardo said Mercer's face was bleeding from the jar of dressing during his escape.

"He ran to his car sped off driving recklessly through a stop sign and took a right onto first Street, I lost him from there," he told the station.

Police found Mercer's vehicle -- a silver car with New York plates, not a Death Star -- a short time later. Officers then went to the place where Mercer was staying and asked him to come outside. His nose was still bleeding, according to

Mercer, of Tonawanda, New York, was arrested for armed robbery after a witness identified him as the robber.

Police said they found several handguns and ammunition in Mercer’s backpack.

This isn't the first time a robber has dressed as Darth Vader.

Back in March, a man dressed as Vader forced his way into a North Carolina bank and robbed it at gunpoint, stealing thousands of dollars in the process.

In May 2012, another man in a Darth Vader mask robbed a bank in Toledo, Ohio, storming away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

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