Florida Man Drives Stolen Car To Meet Probation Officer (And Did We Mention He Had A Gun, Too?)

Florida: You continue to amaze us.

Bringing a loaded gun to a visit with a probation officer is strange, but going to the meeting in a stolen car takes things to a level that's even bizarre for Florida.

Deputies in Flagler County arrested Christopher John Smith, 38, last Monday on a probation violation charge.

Smith was sentenced to three years probation last July on charges of resisting an officer and felony battery.

Authorities said he showed up for the meeting with his parole officer with a silver Raven Arms .25 caliber pistol stuffed in a bag, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal. Police said there was no round in the chamber but there were five rounds in the magazine.

Officials detected the weapon when he walked into the probation office, according to

No other weapons were found in the Ford Focus that brought Smith to the meeting, but investigators discovered the car had been stolen from a St. Johns County Dollar Rent a Car on Sept. 1.

Smith told deputies he did not know whether he'd rented the car or if he'd made payments, saying his "business partners" handled those details, according to

Police said Smith couldn't provide the names of people or companies he's working with who were responsible for paying for the vehicle.

When Smith asked his parole officer why he was asking so many questions, the officer said he was just trying to figure out why Smith was in possession of a stolen Ford.

At that point, Smith invoked his right to remain silent, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal.